Vice-présidente, Affaires publiques

Jane Taber

Jane Taber is a veteran print and broadcast journalist who has spent her career covering Parliament Hill, and most recently Queen’s Park.During her tenure on Parliament Hill, Jane covered the Mulroney Progressive Conservatives, the Chretien Liberals and the Harper Conservatives. In 2015, she moved to Toronto to cover the Wynne Liberals and the Ontario legislature.She’s spent more hours than she can count on campaign buses and planes following the leaders during election bids. She’s covered leadership contests, and all of the important issues of the day. Her network of contacts, political and influential Canadians, is vast.All of these issues and events were covered both in print (as a reporter at The Ottawa Citizen, the National Post and for 14 years at The Globe and Mail) and also on television and radio.From 2005 to 2011, Jane was the co-host of CTV’s Question Period and interviewed all the main political players of the day on the hour-long broadcast. She was also the fill-in host on Mike Duffy Live and Power Play on CTV’s News Channel. Jane filled in, too, on CTV’s morning show, Canada AM.Before joining CTV’s Question Period, Jane was a regular contributor to CBC’s At Issue panel with Peter Mansbridge.So, she knows television from both vantage points – as the interviewer and as the interviewee.As Vice-President, Corporate Affairs at National’s Toronto office since September 2016, she brings her wealth of experience to the Firm, her colleagues and her clients.

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